Here's What Some People Say About SLURRY-COAT!

"Thanks again for another beautiful jet-black T&D Asphalt Slurry-Coat job on our drive. Its absolutely worth the money, nothing else like it! Slurry-Coat is the best cost effective asphalt resurfacing anywhere."
-Barbara Driver, West Bloomfield MI

"Thanks so much for the effort in re-storing my driveway. The job looks so great! I also appreciated the fact that you kept your word as to when you said you would do the work. You kept me informed and did exactly what you said you would do. I am pleased that I used T&D Asphalt Slurry-Coat"
-Honorable Dennis N. Powers, MI. District Court Judge

"T&D Asphalt Slurry-Coat is the absolute best professional asphalt rehabilitation available. Your work is simply the best. This is absolutely an amazing product. We have used T&D Asphalt Slurry-Coat for over 25 years. We highly recommend T&D for any asphalt maintenance situation."
-H.G. Sartor Asphalt Paving, Walled Lake MI

"Hello T&D Asphalt Slurry-Coat, God bless you! Thanks so much for everything. The driveway looks great! See you again next time. Thank you."
-Diana Lewis, WXYZ TV Detroit

“Our parking lot looks great! T&D Asphalt Slurry-Coat resurfaced our cracked & damaged asphalt for 70% LESS than any asphalt paving company in the area”
-Dr. James DeCapitite, DDS.

“Nothing else like it, when it comes to restoring cracked & damaged asphalt, nothing else can compare to SLURRY-COAT"
-Victor Nichols, Citizens Asphalt Sealers

"SLURRY-COAT - The absolute best job we've ever had"
-Gov. Jennifer Granholm

"Thanks for a great Slurry-Coat job, Just what we needed"
-Bucky Dent (former New York Yankees)

"T&D Asphalt Slurry-Coat did a super job for us. In my mind you're in the hall of fame for asphalt maintenance. Thanks again for a fabulous asphalt slurry-coat job on our driveway"
-Dick Vitale U of D Basketball, West Bloomfield MI

"Thanks again for another great SLURRY-COAT job! I will recommend you to all my neighbors."
-Mike Laffergy, Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Thanks for your second great Asphalt Slurry-Coat job. The driveway looks really nice, we will highly recommend your work to everyone and we will be calling you again in the future."
-Mr. & Mrs. Tyler, South Lyon MI.

"Sorry I waited so long to call T&D Asphalt Slurry-Coat. The parking lot looks real good. Two people asked about your work. I gave them your name, phone number and highly recommended you."
-Alan Goode, Dixboro General Store, Dixboro MI

" You came highly recommended from Judge Powers. Our Asphalt Slurry-Coat job looks real good, now you come highly recommended from us. Thanks for the additional crack-filling work too."
-Oliver, Dairy Twist, Highland MI

"You guys did a great job for us, it just fantastic. Everyone thinks it's the most unique job they have ever seen. Well worth the money. Bring some more business cards and brochures out here. We will highly recommend you".
-Colony Cleaner, Rochester MI.

"You guys did a fantastic job on our parking lot, more people should know about your Asphalt Slurry-Coat. This is the future of pavement maintenance."
-Ryan, State Soft Water Co, Brighton MI

"Thanks T&D, an absolute great job, looks like new again! Your Asphalt Slurry-Coat work is Fantastic! "
-Mike Lancial, Wixom MI.

"Once again our driveway looks great, thanks to T&D Asphalt Slurry-coat. Your job solved all our problems immediately. We will continue to use SLURRY-COAT again & again. Your process is better than seal-coating and cheaper than asphalt"
-Dr. Marty Levin, West Bloomfield, MI.