The success of SLURRY-COAT is the result of many years of lab and field endeavors combined with state-of-the-art engineering technologies. Our SLURRY-COAT pavement process utilizes a special formulation which is selectively introduced to create a totally new concept in asphalt product design. It modifies the molecular bonds within the asphalt emulsion and mixture substantially improves the asphalt's ductility, raises its softening point and increases adhesion to mineral surface. SLURRY-COAT cross-links as it cures, high resistance to power steering marks and scuffing. Meets the description of 'GRAS' - Generally Regarded As Safe - Contains no Formaldehyde or other biocides. Much of the new science from that development has been used in the creation of SLURRY-COAT.

What's the difference between SLURRY-COAT, seal-coating, and paving?

Seal-coating is simply painting your asphalt black. It DOES NOT repair old, badly cracked, and seriously damaged asphalt. Your aging pavement will continue to crack and deteriorate fast.

SLURRY-COAT Stone Mix Surfacing is the most beneficial & cost-effective surfacing available Up to 7 years protection. Our proprietary patching process covers alligator areas, fixes pot-holes, divots, and most other surface damage. Up to 3/8" thick!

SLURRY-COAT is a proprietary jet black, VERY COARSE stone mix asphalt slurry surface with natural occurring seams. Looks like new asphalt, but is SLURRY-COAT!

Are You Licensed?

No, there is no current Michigan contractor licensing required for this category. Additionally, we are charter members of the National Pavement Contractors Association. Note: Approximately 50% of our customers are attorneys, doctors, accountants, and contractors. We are especially pleased to have been featured in Pavement Magazine.

How is SLURRY-COAT made and applied?

Also See: Slurry-Coat. Raw materials are carried in our specially designed equipment and made independently at every job site. It is then applied to and existing pavement surface and finished with a timely flow application. Stocking of material for future use leads to LESS waste and reworking than with paving. We exclusively engineer, mix, design, and install our own jobs to control its quality and ensure that you get the best possible job to make sure your project is done right. Our goal is to make your job look great!

What kind of Results can I expect?

Expect Immediate Visible Results and up to 5 Years Protection! Over 30 years of usage indicates T&D Asphalt SLURRY-COAT LLC gets the job done right and cost effectively. We get RESULTS! Thousands of satisfied customers since 1979. References & Testimonials provided.

Is there any type of warranty?

NO DISCLAIMER: Due to non-viewable and undetermined or failed sub-base conditions, local high-water tables, unpredictable extreme hot or cold weather and existing cracked & damaged asphalt surfaces, T&D Asphalt SLURRY-COAT LLC absolutely does not warranty or guarantee any SLURRY-COAT work whatsoever. Any SLURRY-COAT written material or verbal stated estimates and projections of surface life or wear are in no way a guarantee, warranty, or promise of any kind. SLURRY-COAT is not bituminous asphalt and may have some structural limitations. SLURRY-COAT is classified as seal-coating and meets ASTM D8099/D8099M-17 Standard Specification for Asphalt Emulsion Pavement Sealer. SLURRY-COAT is a Slurry Seal-coating proprietary design mix & is not affiliated with ISSA, International Slurry Surfacing Association.

What happens if I don't maintain my asphalt?

Eventually asphalt pavement wears out from traffic and exposure to elements such as gasoline, oils, de-icers, chemicals, moisture, wind, sun, and rain will result in a loss of its cohesive properties. Parking lots and driveways are particularly susceptible to these problems which cause pavement failure and costly repairs. Over time pavement oxidation from sunlight will cause aggregate to ravel and open to water penetration. Excessive water will sap the internal cohesive strength of asphalt pavement. If allowed to penetrate the sub-base, cracking and more severe failures will occur.

Can SLURRY-COAT be used for Preventative Maintenance?

YES! It is well suited as a preventive maintenance treatment to extend the life of sound asphalt pavements. Preventive maintenance treatments are low-cost treatments that retard deterioration of the pavement, maintain, or improve the functional condition of asphalt and extend the pavement's service life. It provides protection of the pavement surface by delaying the appearance of surface defects caused by both the environment and the associated oxidization of the existing surface. Oxidization of the bituminous surface material leads to surface defects - predominantly raveling, potholes, as well as thermal and age cracking. By using SLURRY-COAT the rate at which the existing bituminous surface material oxidizes is greatly reduced. SLURRY-COAT has binder rich mixtures which waterproof and seal existing surfaces, protecting the pavement from the adverse effects of the environment. The concept of pavement preservation (as opposed to existing strategies of reactive treatments and reconstruction) is gaining acceptance in North America. The use of preventive maintenance treatments is an essential part of a pavement preservation strategy. Hence, the use of SLURRY-COAT to preserve pavements is becoming the preferred choice by many Commercial and Residential property owners.